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Name: William Barker

Nickname: Will

Age: 21

Specialty: I’ve mostly done well on flat breakaways, but my goal for this year is to become more of a climber.

Favourite Ride: Locally, it’s the Tuesday morning Hour of Power. I do love the Charlotte’s Pass ride from Jindabyne when I can get there.

Cycling Idol: Cadel Evans (I was there on the Champs Élysées to see him win in 2011)

Favourite Non-cycling thing to do: My other hobby is fly-fishing. Preferably in the Snowy Mountains.

Warm up playlist: I’m one of those weirdos who doesn’t like music when I’m warming up.

Best team mate to share a room with: Hayden or Nath. I haven’t been woken by either of them snoring yet.

Favourite Race: The Tour of King Valley has been my favourite so far, but I’m new to the NRS, so there’s a lot of races that I haven’t yet ridden.

Why Phoenix? This is the team that first gave me a shot racing at this level and they’ve provided so much support for me since that first race. They’re certainly not a bad bunch of guys to hang out with either.