Top 5 post-Warnie tips for riding with the National Road Series

//Top 5 post-Warnie tips for riding with the National Road Series

Top 5 post-Warnie tips for riding with the National Road Series

We loved racing the Melbourne to Warrnambool, it was a great day out on the
bike and required a great deal of mental toughness as well as training kms
to get through to the finish line. We get a bit spoiled by racing against
some of Australia’s best cyclists throughout the year, so when open racing
gets added into the mix it always makes racing more interesting. On the
drive back to Canberra we put our heads together and came up with this
list of the top 5 tips for riding in the NRS which has kept our guys out
of trouble (so far!).

1. Don’t attack the pisso
This one seems pretty self-explanatory, when its called its a gentleman’s
agreement to neutralise the bunch, so take the opportunity to have a rest
or have a nature break. Smart racing means that you make sure to recover
where you can, and holding in urine can make you dehydrate faster and no
one likes the feeling of needing to piss themselves.

2. Don’t attack the feed zone
Also pretty self-explanatory, but this seemed to be another popular choice
for the open racers to launch their attacks. Feedzones are hectic enough
as it is having to avoid swannies, dropped bottles and swinging musettes,
don’t be that guy (or girl).

3. Pay attention to the motos and support cars
If you can hear a motorbike or car beeping behind you – move over. They
are either there to get ahead and close the roads, or take sweet pics for
the media reel.

4. Hold your line
As they say ‘hold ya f@*kin’ line’. This caused more than a few issues
with riders either not paying attention or trying to follow wheels they
shouldn’t have been. Do you want to be on the ground after a crash being
called a hubbard by the NRS rider you brought down? If not, hold your

5.Don’t be a dick
If you are cool to those around you, chances are they will be cool back to
you. Have a chat to everyone and anyone while the pace is off, look around
to see what some of the more seasoned racers are doing and don’t think you
are bigger or better than anyone else. At some point you might need help
in the crosswinds or to get back to the bunch after an incident. If you
were a dick to everyone beforehand, chances are you won’t be getting any.

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