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Vixen PR

Vixen PR solves your communications dilemmas – even the ones you don’t know exist. If you run a small business or not-for-profit that struggles to find the time or resources to dedicate to promoting yourself, Vixen PR can help you out with services which can be customised to cater to your needs. The team’s online channels and media management has been handled by Vixen PR since the team began, and our engagement as well as coverage has continually exceeded top-ranking national teams through their focused approach to public relations.

Eight by Nine

Eight by Nine is a very very new clothing and accessories brand that designs some of the best looking gear going around – including our new kit! In cycling, image is everything, whether you are in the bunch or chatting at the coffee shop post-ride, and this Canberra business supports us year-in-year out and makes us look good doing it.

Website coming soon…

My Ride Woden

My Ride Woden lives to ride Canberra, just like us, and we have joined forces to inspire all Canberrans to do the same. This local Canberra bike store is committed to the Canberra community through heavy support of local club racing and many local riders in addition to our team. With their thorough customer service experience My Ride Woden encourages you to get on your bike more – whether that’s commuting to work, racing road bikes or blitzing the trails on the weekend. Our combined goal is clear – the more people that are out riding and enjoying what Canberra has to offer, the better.


Taking care of your body is super important as a cyclist, and Set2Physio makes sure that our cycling posture is the best it can be. Jamie is incredibly experienced regarding correct bike setup, injury prevention and rehabilitation post injury, and is a huge asset to the Phoenix Cycling Collective family.