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Name: Sam Hill
Nickname: Sammy
Specialty: Breakaway
Favourite Ride: Murrumbateman Loop in Canberra, Owens Gap climb in Scone
Cycling Idol: Peter Sagan and Esteban Chaves. Very mainstream idols I know but you can’t not idolise these guys.
Favourite Non-cycling thing to do: Watch movies and play cricket
Warm up Playlist: Eminem and Kanye West usually get me buzzing
Best team mate to share a room with: None are bad which is nice, but roomed mostly with the Nath Booth and he makes for a good roomie. Doesn’t even complain when I keep him up vomiting.
Favourite Race: Mudgee weekend
Why Phoenix: Extremely positive and supportive. But mostly because of their passion for anything cycling, or even anything remotely close to cycling for that matter.