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Full name: Nathan Booth
Nickname: Nath, NATHAN!
Age: 24
Speciality: Squeezing into tight spots
Kryptonite: Eating anything with chilli on it
Club: Canberra Cycling Club
Favourite ride
My favourite would be the Cotter Uriarra loop .
Cycling idol
Growing up I looked up to Andy and Frank Schleck.
Favourite non-cycling thing to do
Haha whenever I’m not cycling I’m usually found at the ANU hitting the books! But when I’m not studying or riding, I’m getting away to the coast with my mates.
Warmup playlist
It’s on shuffle usually! and I just hit skip till I find a song that I want to listen to.
Best team-mate to share a room with
Honestly don’t really care, happy to bunk with anyone!
Favourite part of riding with PNX
The team atmosphere and the people on the team.
Favourite NRS stage/race
National Capital Tour