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Name: Kelsey Boreham
Nickname: Kels
Age: 31
Speciality: Legal eagle
Club: ANU Cycling Club

Being a Jindabyne boy, I just love riding in the Snowy Mountains. They’re beautiful and it always feels like home. My favourite ride has to be the Alpine Way from Thredbo to Khancoban and back with the gruelling Tom Groggin climb at the end. That ride is guaranteed to make your legs feel like jelly for a couple of days afterward.

I was late to cycling but grew up ski racing here and in the USA. I idolised an Austrian ski racer and Olympic gold medallist called Hermann (the ‘Hermannator’) Meier. His autobiography is chock full of his insights on how putting yourself through excruciating pain in training is the key to shaping yourself as a person and a successful athlete. I guess that kind of mentality translates well to cycling, even if the Hermannator is a bit of a nutter.

If it’s winter then skiing of course! In between training and racing on the bike my wife Kate and I still manage to get to the mountains for a slide. I’ve found cross-country skiing really great aerobic training. I also enjoy a surf now and then in the summer time.

Something electronic with a decent beat to get the legs turning. Some favourites include the Presets, Fat Boy Slim, Hermitude, Flume and the Chemical Brothers.

Nathan Booth. Sharing a room with him is like sharing a room with your little brother, although I did buy him a new sheet set for Christmas to make sure things are a little more hygienic. Unlike some others on the team Nath doesn’t sit up till 1am the night before a race talking about power output and trying to slip caffeinated pre-workout supplement into each other’s bedtime milk.

Having a Canberra based NRS team to ride with has given me new friends and means I’m never short of a riding buddy. Most importantly, it’s added a whole new dimension to cycling and racing. My perception of success in a given race has gone from focusing on my individual placing to asking what I did in the race to help the team achieve the best result in the circumstances.

The National Capital Tour, it’s our home race and the team did really well there last season. I love riding through the Brindabellas (something about mountains again) and the kermesse stage zooming past Parliament House and other national institutions in the centre of Canberra is a fairly unique riding opportunity.