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Full name: Andrew McCosker
Nickname: McCosker
Age: 33
Speciality: Rave starter
Club: Vikings Cycling Club
Favourite ride
Currently I rate the OnyaBike Krusty Ride on Monday afternoon – no waking up early, awesome bunch.
Cycling idol
I grew up in Inverell and always thought the guys that rode the Grafton to Inverell race were super human, So I guess I looked up to Australian domestic cyclists.
Favourite non-cycling thing to do
Building cool classic cars with Michelle and Oppy
Warmup playlist
Metal, right now Killswitch Engage, Lamb of God, Trivium etc
Best team-mate to share a room with
It’s easier to not share, go wreck up other rooms, then head back to your own not wrecked up room.
Favourite part of riding with PNX
I have had a chance to meet and become friends with some amazing people, plus it’s always a sweet time on tour.
Favourite NRS stage/race
Tour of Great South Coast is currently topping my list. I had never been to that part of Australia before the tour in 2015 and didn’t realise how amazing it is along the south coast of Australia.