The Sunday Sessions Criterium Series – Race One

//The Sunday Sessions Criterium Series – Race One

The Sunday Sessions Criterium Series – Race One



Welcome to the first race in The Sunday Sessions Criterium Series!

This series of criterium races is all about racing the Phoenix way, in a relaxed atmosphere where having fun is more important than podiums.

We will be running at least two dedicated women’s only grades – the only criteriums in Canberra at the moment that have women’s only races.

The first Women’s Only Grade begins at 4.40 pm, and depending on interest we will be running two groups on the field – one with experienced race cyclists and the other for those wanting to give criterium racing a go!

Race entry is $10, and the hosting club for this first race is Vikings Cycling Club.

Running order – Sunday 29 January 2017

E Grade
Begins at 4pm, 30 mins + 2 laps

E Grade Results:

  1. Reg Sheridan
  2. Ros Harper
  3. Darryl Cram
  4. Matthew Kallir Preece

Women’s Only Grade
Begins at 4.40 pm, 40 min + 2 laps

Women’s Only Results:

  1. Jade Colligan
  2. Peta Brill
  3. Stephanie Lord
  4. Raeleigh Rogers
  5. Alexandra Orme
  6. Laura Darlington
  7. Melany Toombs
  8. Hannah Calderwood
  9. Zoe Cameron
  10. Aletha Nightingale
  11. Phoebe Chadwick-Masters
  12. Belinda Chamberlain
  13. Michelle Balaz
  14. Mia Chamberlain
  15. Lisa Keeling

D Grade and C Grade
Begins at 5.30 pm, 40 min + 2 laps

D Grade results:

  1. Oscar Chamberlain
  2. Matthew Beale
  3. Jayson Clarke
  4. Rob Fisher

C Grade Results:

  1. Andrew Snaidero
  2. Ro Lewis
  3. David Timms
  4. Simon Lai

B Grade and A Grade
Begins at 6.20 pm, 40 min + 2 laps

B Grade Results:

  1. Paul Aubrey
  2. Glenn Moorby
  3. Shadi Samir

A Grade Results:

  1. Josh Taylor
  2. Joe Lewis
  3. Kelsey Boreham
  4. Ed Hall
  5. Lewy Cressy
  6. Steve Crispin
  7. Andrew McCosker
  8. Nathan Booth
  9. Will Barker

Women’s Only A Grade
Begins at 7.10 pm, 40 min + 2 laps


  1. Rachel Blakers
  2. Clare Aubrey
  3. Lisa Keeling
  4. Kimberley Wells
  5. Brittany Lindores
  6. Katie McDonnell
  7. Belinda Chamberlain

Don’t worry if you get dropped, feel free to wait for the group to lap and catch back on to ride at the back. If this happens, you won’t be in contention for a top 3 finish so keep that in mind as the race finishes.


You must have a:

Cycling Australia Race License, or a Cycling ACT arranged day license or 3 race license (pending approval by Cycling Australia).

Australian Standards approved helmet

Road bike

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